Forbidden Druid Blue Steel
  • Forbidden Druid Blue Steel

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    Forbidden Druid

    It’s time for high pivot technology to make the leap from world cup downhill tracks to your local trail network. At 130mm of rear wheel travel, the Druid is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With geometry that balances stability and agility, the Druid is adaptable; nimble enough to hammer out trail rides after work and burly enough for weekend shuttles. Its high pivot Trifecta suspension platform has the ability to generate grip and pop almost simultaneously while offering an unworldly ability to absorb the big hits. All over the mountain, the more you ask of the Druid, the more it gives.



    One of our core philosophies is that everyone who rides our bikes should experience a similar ride characteristic. To this end we have put extra effort in to our geometry and sizing. One of the major contributing factors to a bike’s overall ride feel is its weight balance. The term weight balance refers to the relationship between the rear-center and front-center and the resultant position of the rider’s center of gravity between the tire contact patches. How each tire is weighted, directly affects the grip characteristics of the bike; furthermore, this weight distribution will also have a profound effect on the bike’s agility/stability. Many brands talk about their bikes having a balanced geometry, yet they only use a single rear-center (chainstay) measurement across all sizes of bike. If rear-center remains constant as front-center changes with size, then it stands to reason that each size of bike will see a different weight distribution and therefore a different ride characteristic.At Forbidden, in an effort to ensure a consistent ride experience across all sizes, we employ a scaled rear-center measurement for each individual frame size.



    Our commitment to geometry and ride handling doesn’t end with our scaled rear-center lengths. We take great pride in every detail of our geometry and frame fit. We experimented with the extremes of the new school longer, lower, slacker trend and decided to come back to what we feel is a well-rounded geometry that suits a variety of riding styles and terrains. With the Druid, our goal was to create a capable and fast bike but also a bike that is fun and entertaining to ride on any trail.A challenge on all modern bikes, especially those with 29” wheels, is the relationship between effective and actual seat angle. We are extremely proud of the fact that our actual seat angles change with each size and get steeper as frame size increases. Thus, ensuring taller riders have a better seated position than that of our competitors. Our commitment to a better fit for all riders also led us to larger than normal increases in head tube length that better suit each end of the size range. We feel that these small but extremely important details ensure that you, the rider, will feel instantly at home on the Druid.