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Renthal Traction Lock On grip.
  • Renthal Traction Lock On grip.

    Renthal Lock-On grips feature CNC aluminium locking collars, permanently
    integrated with the central core, giving the ultimate all-weather security on
    the handlebar. The integrated construction eliminates any movement between the
    grip section and the collars, which could otherwise develop over time. The
    handlebar grip is your key contact point for controlling your bike. Having a
    grip suited to your individual demands is hugely important.


    This Traction grip pattern was designed to give ultimate control in all
    conditions. The additional mechanical grip of the Traction pattern means that
    you can retain control, no matter what the weather might throw at you.


    Features Forward Facing Ramped Finger Ridges;
    When pulling back on the handlebars, the majority of the grip and torque is
    concentrated through the fingers. Forward facing, ramped ridges in the finger
    area give increased grip when pulling back, yet lay flat in normal riding
    conditions, for improved comfort.


    Rearward Facing Angled Palm Grooves;
    When braking or steep descending, the majority of the torque and grip is
    concentrated through the palm. Grooves cut with a rearward facing angle give
    improved grip in this situation. As the ramped groove is cut into the grip, it
    gives a comfortable, large surface area for the palm in normal riding


    Consistent Pattern;
    The grooves and ridges are consistent across the width of the grip, to
    accommodate riding with your hand in any position. Be it right in the centre,
    or with the heal of the hand over the end of the grip, the additional traction
    is just as effective.


    Open-Ended Grip Features;
    Riding in extreme conditions, crashes are inevitable, which can result in the
    grip getting packed with mud. We designed the grips to have open-ended grip
    features, allowing mud to be purged off the end of the grip.


    Offset Grip Material;
    For comfort, the grip material under the palm area has been increased to give
    improved cushioning. Thinner grip material is used under the finger area to
    keep the overall outside diameter the same.

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