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Fast SC5 Fork Cartridge

Fast SC5 Fork Cartridge

Why the SC5 cartridge is your best ally? 

Simply put, it’s down to its specific conception with 3 independent compression ways, inspired from our up kit. 
Low speed for comfort on small hits, medium speed to manage diving and balance of the bike and finally a circuit dedicated to high speed/impacts to flatten the ground.

The rebound is externaly adjustable for the low speed. The high speed rebound shims stack will be set according to your expectations.

+ 3 independent compression circuits (low speed comp externaly ajustable on 35 cliks, mid speed and high speed internaly set)
+ The only kit to use hydraulics to manage the diving and balance of the bike
+ High speed valving to flatten the bumps
+ More grip
+ Comfort and endurance
+ 100% sealed system with IFP

The SC5 cartridge is:

  • An unique conception with 3 independent ways
  • Custom Aeronautical 7075 T6 alloy
  • Performing, durable, consistent


for YARI forks from 2017 onwards.

for REVELATION forks 35mm from 2018 onwards. 

for LYRIK forks 35mm

for PIKE forks 35mm from 2016 onwards. 

for ZEB / DOMAIN from 2022 onwards.

for FOX 36 forks from 2015 onwards. 

for FOX 38 forks

for MARZOCCHI Z1 from 2019 onwards.


Every cartridge ordered is tuned to suit the rider and bike.

follow the link below to complete a tuning form.


Tuning form


Once an order is placed, the usual turn aroud time is 1 week.



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