Froff MTB Co. The Buffer
  • Froff MTB Co. The Buffer

    Froff MTB Co. The Buffer

    A shim for your rim.


    Designed and tested in conjunction with Pablo's Bike Shop, and the Pablo's X Froff team riders.

    The Buffer is a tyre insert that is aimed at saving you from a long walk out of the forest and an expensive repair bill.


    NZ designed.

    Made from EVA foam, The Buffer provides protection from pinch flats and dents in your rim.

    Minimal sealant absorbtion.

    Simple to use, Hook and Loop closure.

    Can only be used with a tubeless setup. (Sorry you old school tubed riders).

    29", 27.5" and 26" fitment. Simply follow the cut guide on The Buffer, and trim to your desired length.

    For rim widths of 25mm - 35mm.

    Tyre widths of 2.3" - 2.6".

    Weight 110g including hook and loop closure (29").


    We recommend running your standard tyre pressure with The Buffer. You can however drop 2 or 3 PSI if you want to increase your grip, but this will cause The Buffer to take more damage than your  usual riding, and require replacement sooner.

    If you are not sure what tyre pressure you should run, get in contact and we can discuss your setup and advise you.