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GUP Kwiki Tyre sealant/inflator
  • GUP Kwiki Tyre sealant/inflator

    Our canisters include a latex-based formula which can simultaneously inflate and seal most common punctures quickly.  Works with tubes, tubeless, and tubular tires.  Proven to seal up to a 6mm puncture on tubeless tires, getting you back in the saddle faster.  Enough pressure to seat a tubeless tire onto a rim–an enduro racers dream come true.  For use with presta valves only.  Fills a 29 x 2.4 MTB tire up to about 29psi.

    125ml canister of GÜP with yellow speed adapter for presta valves
    Weight:  4.3 ounces / 122 grams



    The "Hölster" allows you to carry your GÜP in style and have quick access to it when it's needed the most.  The long velcro strap allows it to fit on most frames, seat posts and saddle rails, while the lightweight silicon block protects your frame and keeps your GÜP securely fastened.  Hölster up!

    Weight:  0.65 ounces / 19 grams

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      $19.50Sale Price
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