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TRP Brake Lever Adapter
  • TRP Brake Lever Adapter


    Integrated mountain bike shifter adapters for TRP brakes are now available for Shimano I-Spec B, I-Spec II, and Sram MatchMaker. Adapters will mount your shifter or dropper lever directly to your TRP brakes to keep your cockpit nice and tidy.

    • HD 3.3: I-Spec B to SRAM MatchMaker
    • HD 3.4: I-Spec B to I-Spec II to Shimano XT and XTR only*
    • HD 3.6: I-Spec II to SRAM MatchMaker
    • HD 3.7: I-Spec II to MMX
    • HD 4.0: I-Spec II to Shimano EV
    • HD 4.1: I-Spec B to Shimano EV

    I-Spec adapters sold individually.

    *Only Shimano XT and XTR I-Spec II shifters will work with TRP's I-Spec II adapter. SLX is not compatible.

    MatchMaker adapter will work with any SRAM Matchmaker style shifter or Reverb 1x remote lever.


    I Spec II to Match Maker adapters LH and RH may put you shifter or Dropper lever to far inboard.

    These are not interchangeable from one side to the other, unless you make modifactions to the brake clamp or adapter.

    Contact us if you would like more infromation on fitment.

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